The Band

They are manly a four or five piece band plus caller the line up is as follows:

Debbie Chalmers - Fiddle:
Joined the band in 2004, Debbie is a 27 year old Music Teacher and violin restorer
Suzie Jones - Recorder/Flute:
Suzie is a 24-year-old Marketing and Account Manager who joined the band in 1999.
Mike Dolbear - Drums:
Joined the band in 1999. Mike is a professional drummer having previously been bandleader at the 'Talk of The Town' in London. He is now a drum tutor and author.
Leighton Jones - Bass Guitar:
Chartered Surveyor aged 37; he joined the band when he was 13 years old. He is now the bandleader.
Derek Jones - Banjo/Mandolin:
Former Accountant. He started with the band at its inception. Responsible for the marketing and administration. He also runs the Barn Dance Agency and Barn Dance Weddings. See:

The band uses a diversity of callers to suit the booking requirements.

Liz Scholey
Liz is a highly qualified teacher of dance, an Associate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance and holder of their Certificate of Dance Education. Liz brings her own witty, glamorous style to any event and is particularly good with children.


Rob Sibthorpe (Sibby) Well known Caller from Southend.
David Rolfe - East London Caller
Joe Fahy - East Sussex

Mike Barnard - West London
Ian Petrie - Kent

Like most Barn Dance and Ceilidh (Kaylee) Bands, Ring O' Bells play a mixture of English, Scottish, Irish, and American tunes and dances.

Should you wish to Theme your event in any of the above ways we can adapt our repertoire to suite.

Why not have an American Hoedown so simple to theme. Check shirts and jeans, a few Straw bales (no smoking though) A plate of sausages and Beans and you have Themed Event. Or go for something more Stately. Ring O' Bells Band are happily playing 17th, 18th and 19th century Dances including those collected by John Playford.

You might think for such a remarkably talented band that the price would be put of your reach, but our prices start at £675

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